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About Us



Uogashi means fish market in Japanese. Its goal is to be the best place for people looking forward to fresh and delicious sushi and other Japanese meals. From the selection of fresh fish products and other authentic ingredients (all are imported from Japan), well-decorated dining place to well-trained staff and professional MasterChef, Uogashi wants to ensure that dining experience is outstanding and excellent.

Backed by Japanese culture and traditions

Japanese culture has a rich fishing history dating back to Edo Period.  During that time, Nihonbashi district was packed with fish wholesalers. The streets were lined up with vendors carrying vigorous trade and collecting a tremendous amount of money. Seasons are an important aspect of life, art, and food in Japan culture. For this reason, Uogashi is committed to bringing seasonal fish items in the city of New York. Uogashi can bring rare fish to New York without problems.

Cream of the crop ingredients

Combining freshly imported ingredients and creative interpretation, Uogashi has created an extensive menu from mouthwatering sushis to hearty sashimis and rolls. There are premiums rolls and sea urchins can tickle your taste buds. Almost everything from Uogashi menu is from Japan including the kelp and dried bonito for miso soup's dashi. There is something for everyone to enjoy. The best tasting food is the ones that are carefully prepared using finest and freshest ingredients.


Uogashi’s goal is to be known as a leading restaurant that offers high quality and a variety of sushi and other seafood products. The people working for Uogashi are all professionals who can negotiate with Japanese fishers and suppliers. The significant cost savings in return would be passed on to their customers.


Immerse in this new Tokyo style restaurant that is inviting. Enjoy your meal and be as close to Japan as you can get.

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